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Switch Hands Blackjack

Tired of the same old blackjack? Hate getting dealt 12-16 all the time? Well that changes when you sit down at a Switch Hands Blackjack table! In Switch Hands players are entitled to throw away their first hand dealt up for a secondary hand dealt down! Did I mention that blackjacks of the same color and suit pay 2 to 1 and blackjack pushes pay 1 to 2! To learn more about Switch Hands click on the Switch Hands Icon.

High Roll Dice Match 6

Match 6 is a fun, fast paced diced rolling game that makes it enjoyable and easy for all ages and genders! All you need to do is place your bets based on the winning number zone and winning “of a kind” zone and let the dealer handle the rest. It’s that Easy!

Blackjack Premium

Blackjack Premium is your solution if you're casino is looking to enhance your tables at a minimal cost. This side bet allows players to place a 20% wager after their first 2 cards are shown. This allows them to muck the first hand and use a completely new hand to enhance the player's chance of wining the hand. Suited Blackjacks pay 2 to 1 and blackjack ties pay 1 to 2!

High Roll Dice

Looking for something entirely new to play at your casino? Well look no further because High Roll Dice is the game to play! This multi stage Dice Rolling betting game is designed for all players of age and skill set. Bets are placed on the outcome of dealer's rolls and big $Money$ can be maid! To learn more about this game click on the High Roll Dice Icon.

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